Entrepreneurs look to help create cleaner energy solution with help from NASA


OHIO — Finding sustainable solutions to our energy needs has some entrepreneurs in Ohio looking skyward.

What You Need To Know

Petra Power is currently based in BRITE Energy Innovators
The company was awarded a license from NASA to commercialize solid oxide fuel cells
Founders say they’re working to bridge the gap from fossil fuels to clean energy

Petra Power is converting NASA technology for use here on earth. The company’s co-founders, Phillip Clift and Aaron Goodman, were awarded a license from NASA to help commercialize solid oxide fuel cells, electrochemical devices that turn the chemical energy of a fuel into electrical energy, hoping to bridge the gap between fossil fuels and clean energy.

“It is the perfect way to bridge that gap to not infringe on the very important jobs that exist in the fossil fuel market,” Goodman said. “And not take away the ease and convenience and relatively cheap nature, although you might not believe it today, of fossil fuels while also helping usher in this era that, whether we want it or not, we’re going to need at some point.”

Goodman started his first business as a teen and is excited to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for moving the energy evolution forward.

“Meeting the world’s energy demands in a way that’s not going to endanger the human race long-term is probably the most pressing challenge of my time, at least,” Goodman said.

He said solid oxide fuel cells are a way to shake up a “stagnant” industry.

“Utilize all the fuels that you’re familiar and comfortable with, and produce reliable power with little to no emissions,” Goodman said.

Petra Power is currently in the research phase using laboratory space at BRITE Energy Innovators in Warren. The company plans to expand in the coming months.

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